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Up-Dated (April 15, 2020)


The spread of COVID-19 is presenting tough choices for individuals and businesses alike.  We are following daily developments closely - prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our employees, colleagues, and families while keeping our organizations and economies moving forward. We are writing to underscore our support for you in those efforts.


Office Hours

Our operating hours are  Monday – Thursday: 8 AM to 5 PM; Friday: 8 AM to 12 PM.  Individually we will work limited hours at the office and more hours at home.  This means we will have limited time to meet in person.  Most correspondence will be via email, telephone, internet or our secured portal – Liscio.


Deadline for Filing Taxes

The deadline for filing and payments has been extended until July 15th.  If a balance is due the payment is due July 15th.  The Oklahoma Tax Commission extended the filing date and due date for the payment to July 15th.  Our long-time practice is to ensure returns in our office by March 22nd (March 23rd this year since the 22nd is a Sunday) will be completed by April 15th. All other returns we will get an extension unless you tell us otherwise.  An extension does not increase or decrease your chance for an audit.

If you dropped off your information to us before March 23rd and have not received your return by April 15th please be patient. Our ability to process returns has been significantly hampered. 


Our Business Partners

We are working virtually with our business partners where physical meetings are not advisable and will continue to work with them so that services and products run as smoothly as possible. The IRS, software providers, and other providers are limiting their services during this time.  As such, we will need to reduce our hours to ensure support.


Our Commitment

We will continue to prepare your tax returns and other projects.  We will contact you as your return is completed.  Most returns are electronically sent, and you can review the tax return online and return the action items to us electronically.  Paper copies can be picked up at our office or we can mail.


Our Request

Please be patient during this unusual time.  When you drop off your information, please leave it on the table.  Please do not visit our office if you or anyone in your family are feeling ill. 


We will keep you up to date on the filing deadlines and tax payments deadline.  Please check back here at for further information.  As always, should you have questions please email us.


Thank you again for your assistance.






The tax due date has been extended to July 15th.


IRS Payments due have been extended to July 15th. 


Oklahoma filing and payments due have extended to July 15th


Please drop your information off at the front table.

Please continue to bring your information in and not wait until July.


Please do not enter if you (or family members) are ill.


Thank You!!!