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Data security is our top priority. To reduce overall exposure to email phishing attacks and to improve data security, our firm has made the switch from vulnerable email to a more secure and efficient communication and collaboration platform: Liscio. 

“According to cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, about 90 percent of all data breaches begin with a simple email phishing attack. All it takes is an accidental click of a malicious email to infect your systems and compromise your data. Banks and financial institutions have already moved away from email to communicate and transfer files with clients. Accounting firms must follow suit.” – Darren Root, CEO, Liscio

Liscio is an invite-only platform that replaces portals and allows you to message us, sign documents, onboard via browser or iPad, and send documents securely. Liscio offers a Mobile App and browser version for your convenience. 



Helpful video on how to set up your account.

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